“BarMax came to us and with their first meeting with the bar staff – and explaining how their Beverage Management System works – they immediately took my variance percentage from 25% down to 4%.
They were friendly, professional and knew exactly what they were doing.
Being an owner/operator in the restaurant business for 25 years, I would not hesitate to recommend BarMax to others.”
Bud Craven – The Tiki Barge. Baltimore, MD.


“Restaurant and bar owners like to believe that they are in control of their operation of bar sales and inventory. But as hard as we try, that assumption tends not to be a reality. When BarMax came into my operation, I was a bit skeptical. Not any more. Our first report had a 17% variance between our sales and what we should have sold. Their computerized inventory based on weights and volume brought to light that a problem existed because of theft, giveaways or over pouring. Working with BarMax on a weekly basis, plus a combination of staff meetings, more training and discipline, brought our variance down to 5%, and it has stayed there ever since. That equates to a dollar savings of around $1,200 per week. I highly recommend their program to any bar or restaurant operator.”
John Alascio – The Mt Airy Tavern. Mt Airy, MD.

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