The BarMax Beverage Management System periodically provides inventory audits of all beer, wine, and liquor products.

Audits are usually performed every 7 to 10 days and when two consecutive audits are compared, the difference in inventory levels for each product is calculated.

When outflows (sales) and inflows (purchases) for the same period are considered, a variance can be determined.

This variance is the difference between “what was actually sold” and “what should have been sold”.

Industry data suggests that most bars and restaurants run at a variance between 15-20 percent.  Our trained staff and proprietary software program can help reduce your variance to 5 percent or below.

The BarMax Beverage Management System:
 • Laptop or hand-held computer
 • Proprietary software
 • Barcode scanner and a scale connected using USB ports
 • UPC labels on all products (scanned to identify the particular product, volume, and type of container)

Full and open containers are identified by simply scanning their UPC label. Open containers are also weighed to determine the actual volume of the product which remains in the container.

The final variance report is then available for analysis the next day.

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